MWSC signs an Agreement with Alaaf Pvt.Ltd to construct a new RO Building in Haveeree Hingun in Male’

MWSC has signed an Agreement with Alaaf Pvt.Ltd. to construct a new RO Building in Male’.

The Agreement was signed by the Managing Director of MWSC Mr. Ibrahim Fazul Rasheed on behalf of MWSC and the Managing Director of Alaaf Pvt.Ltd Mr. Ashraf Hameed on behalf of Alaaf Pvt.Ltd.

Upon completion of the building, a new RO plant with a capacity of 2000 CBM per day will be installed.

Speaking at the Contract Signing Ceremony today, Managing Director Mr. Ibrahim Fazul Rasheed stated that this project is a major step taken by MWSC to develop and further improve water services provided to the public. He assured that the new RO building will support the Government’s strategy to provide water to the great Male’ region through a system of decentralization.

It is expected that the new RO Building will be completed within 150 days.