Booster Systems

Our Booster pumps aid the supply of water at high pressure to multi-storey buildings, which is provided as a value addition to our water services.


Features and benefits

  • World renowned brand pumps.
  • Maintains adequate pressure up to the top floors.
  • Designed to connect any number of meters.
  • Takes up minimum space compared to the conventional overhead tanks.
  • Fitted with VFD system (variable speed) to minimize the electricity consumption of pump.
  • Maintenance service is provided for annual service subscribers on a monthly basis to ensure continuous service.

Maintenance Service

  • One year free maintenance is provided upon installation of booster pumps.
  • After one year, an annual payment of MVR 2500.00 has to be paid for complete maintenance of the systems to minimize any issues and to maintain the life of the booster pumps to extend the booster system maintenance service.
  • Terms and Conditions for Booster system maintenance services.

Documents and Forms

  • Filled Application for Water Services (Download)
  • ID card copy of the owner.
  • Plumbing drawing of the Building (copy).