As a means of diversification, MWSC ventured into the manufacturing business in 2004.

IBM, a joint venture company of MWSC and Champa Brothers Pvt. Ltd launched and introduced TaZa water bottles to the market on 7 October 2004.
IBM currently produces mineralized pure drinking water of sizes 330ml, 500ml, 1500ml and 5L.
In 2011, MWSC further expanded manufacturing operations, by starting the operation of manufacturing PET pre-forms. The Company, with state-of-the-art moulding machineries located in K. Hulhumale’, can now produce high quality PET pre-forms that would cater to the bottling industry in the country, as well as overseas.
In 2013, the Company commenced ice flake manufacturing in R. Dhuvaafaru, with the objective of catering for the ice requirement of the local fishermen of Dhuvaafaru and neighboring atolls. Fisheries sector being a key strategic industry for the national economy, it is a privilege for the Company to have engaged in this industry, and contribute towards the development of the sector and life of the local fishermen.

Our vision of transforming into a multidisciplinary engineering company has paved way in becoming the first manufacturer of high quality pipes under our own brand.

“FenPipe” brand was launched in 2015, with the manufacture of PE and PVC pipes under a European License.

MWSC adopts ISO standard in manufacturing “FenPipe”, the quality assurance standard adopted by all European countries.