MWSC signs Agreement to Design and Build Sewerage System in S.Hithadhoo (North and South Region)

MWSC has today signed an Agreement with the Ministry of Environment and Energy for initiation of Design and Build Basis for Sewerage Collection Network, Sewage Pump Stations and Sea Outfall and Allied Works in S. Hithadhoo (North and South Region)

The Contract was signed by the Managing Director of MWSC Mr. Ibrahim Fazul Rasheed and the Minister of Environment and energy, Mr. Thorig Ibrahim, on behalf of the Ministry of Environment and Energy.

The project value for the Design and Build Basis for the Sewer Network is (MVR) 109,151,523.85. The project is estimated to be completed within 15 months.

MWSC works diligently to serve the nation through the provision of basic utility services of water and wastewater to the citizens of the country.