MWSC signs an agreement to construct a new RO plant bulding in Male'

MWSC has signed an Agreement with Amin Construction Pvt. Ltd. to construct a building for housing new RO plants in Male’.

The Agreement was signed by the Managing Director of MWSC Mr. Ibrahim Fazul Rasheed on behalf of MWSC and by the Managing Director of Amin Construction Mr. Abdulla Mohamed on behalf of Amin Construction.

An RO plant with the capacity of producing 5000 cubic meters of water per day, that will be supplied by Hitachi Aqua-Tech, will be installed following completion of the building. It is planned to house an additional 5000 cubic meter RO plant in this building during this year.

Speaking at the Contract Signing Ceremony today, Managing Director Mr. Ibrahim Fazul Rasheed stated that this project initiates the Government’s plan to supply water to the people through two other regions in Male’.  He further noted that this will ensure the continuous and safe provision of water for the people of the Greater Male’ Region.

It is expected that the new RO Plant premises will be fully functioning during the month of June.