MWSC marks the addition of new vehicles to MWSC’s fleet

An event has been held to mark the addition of new vehicles to MWSC’s existing fleet. Four excavators and one crane are now part of MWSC’s current fleet of vehicles.

Speaking at the event today, Managing Director Mr. Ibrahim Fazul Rasheed noted that the new vehicles would serve the purpose of prompt completion of MWSC’s Projects.

Members of the Parliament who participated in the event highlighted the significance of the newly added vehicles in completion of the recent projects being led by MWSC in outer islands to develop water and sewerage networks. The latest project islands of MWSC include B. Thulhaadhoo, N. Velidhoo, R. Hulhuduffaaru, GA. Kolamaafushi and GDh. Gadhdhoo.

MWSC works diligently to serve the nation through the provision of basic utility services of water and wastewater to the citizens of the country.