MWSC contracts out the development, operation and maintenance of Beach Pavilion to Brother’s Catering

MWSC has today contracted out the development, operation and maintenance of the West Coast Beach Pavilion to Brother’s Catering.

The Contract was signed by the Managing Director of MWSC Mr. Ibrahim Fazul Rasheed on behalf of MWSC and Mr. Hussain Niyaz, on behalf of Brother’s Catering.

Under the Contract, Brother’s Catering will develop, operate and maintain facilities specified by the Contract and will be subleased for a period of 19 years and 11 months.

As per the Contract, the following facilities shall be provided to the public at the Beach Pavilion by the Contractor

  1. Free of charge public washroom for male, female and disabled (991.43 square feet);
  2. Mother care room;
  3. Storage room;
  4. Open play area for kids;
  5. Food outlets (that meet with the needs suitable for kids);
  6. Restaurant/Café on the first floor;
  7. Restaurant/Café on the roof top (terrace) ;
  8. Stargazing facility in the Restaurant/Café – telescope installed for public use; and
  9. 1 (one) inflatable water park equipment