MWSC Conducts Safe Water Campaign in HDH.Kulhuduffushi

MWSC has conducted its safe water campaign in the island of Hdh. Kulhuduffushi, a program aimed to create awareness about the importance of using safe water.

The campaign was carried out from 2nd to 5th August 2016, under the slogan “Safe Water for Life”.

Information sessions for school students and their parents, were conducted during the Campaign. The sessions looked into safety precautions to take when using drinking water from different sources and information about production of safe water by MWSC.

MWSC Community Day was held on 5th August 2016 in Hdh. Kulhuduffushi, creating safe water awareness through interactive games and activities for children. A friendly futsal match between MWSC and the youth of Kulhuduffushi was also played, as part of community relations.

Safe water campaign will also be conducted in the islands of R.Dhuvaafaru and K.Maafushi during this year.