Water Quality Assuarance

"Water quality" is a technical term that is based upon the characteristics of water in relation to guideline values of what is suitable for human consumption and for all usual domestic purposes, including personal hygiene. Components of water quality include microbial, biological, chemical, and physical aspects.

All the water quality components (aspects) are been monitored carefully by our Water Quality Assurance Laboratory.


Water Quality Assurance Laboratory

MWSC’s Water Quality Assurance state-of-the-art laboratory in Male’ is first of its kind in the Maldives. Specialised chemists and microbiologists conduct more than 100,000 separate water quality tests every year, looking for organic and inorganic compounds in the water in quantities as small as parts per billion.

Our experts examine water samples that are carefully shipped to the lab from sampling stations throughout the country to ensure that your water meets and surpasses strict water quality standards set by the regulator.


Safe Water For Everyone!!

We strive to provide safe water for everyone, always.

Water quality standards are maintained by continuous monitoring of production parameters on-site and by daily monitoring of the quality of water by our own laboratory and verified by independent tests carried out by Maldives Food and Drugs Authority. The water quality is also checked by EPA through National Health Laboratory (NHL). For this purpose, dedicated sampling points are assigned in each island where MWSC produce drinking water.

MWSC policy on quality is to maintain a higher quality of drinking water than the minimum Standards of World Health Organization, while complying with the standards set by EPA (our Regulator).


WHO standard


Water Tests Carried Out In Our Lab

Water testing frequencies
Water test rate (Sample Collection Form)