e-Bill is an environmentally-friendly service provided by MWSC, which enables us to send your monthly water bills via email.

Once registered for the service, you will be notified by e-mail each time a new bill is issued. The bill you see on the e-Bill system will contain the same information as the paper monthly bills you receive from MWSC every month. This system is completely paperless and provides you with the convenience of paying your bills through MWSC e-Pay service, as well as our partners BML Internet Banking, ATM, Direct Debit Service and Maldives Post Limited’s PostPay.

This mode of delivery will not completely abolish the system of delivering hard copy of bill(s), but it has the flexibility for users to choose e-Bill, printed bill or both.

There are no additional charges associated with using the e-Bill service. 


Who can use e-Bill?

It’s simple. Anybody can register for e-Bill.

We encourage those who sign up for this service to pay their monthly water bills electronically using MWSC e-Pay or BML Internet Banking, ATM and Direct Debit or Maldives Post Limited’s PostPay.


How do I Sign-Up?

Signing up for e-Bill is simple:

  • Anybody can submit a completed service registration form with their National ID card copies. Submission can be done to MWSC’s Customer service or it can be sent via e-mail along with required documents to  e-services@mwsc.com.mv
  • Upon confirmation, an e-mail will be sent to the owner and to all users.
  • Following the registration, for any additional changes, the user can simply send an email to MWSC with the details of changes.

As this service is an open service, with just about anybody being able to register for e-Bill, registered owners have the flexibility of de-listing their water connection for e-bill.

Alternatively, the customer may also apply and register for e-Portal and access e-Bills directly from the e-Portal


Why should I use e-Bill?

  • e-Bill is very easy to use! It takes just a few simple steps to sign up.
  • You can receive and pay your bill online from anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • e-Bill is environmentally-friendly.
  • You have access to your previous bills.
  • It is easy to track bills and reduces chances of losing bills and similar issues.
  • You are notified of bills electronically, eliminating delays from standard bill delivery.
  • Easy to track the payment history of all connections under your name.
  •  e-Bill is safe and secure