e-Portal, is a gateway  for customers to manage their service accounts. The portal is a powerful web-based interface that allows all stakeholders access to relevant data from a central source, through secure, password-protected entry. Online payments can be made and viewing of bills will be enabled on the portal.

The web-based format makes it possible to have access from any internet point so that customers have the flexibility of registering for services from anywhere in the world.  Password-protection means that the system can identify users and restrict access to unauthorized areas, keeping all personal information safe from unauthorized viewing. 

Features and Benefits

  • Easier to view and pay bills
  • Easy access from any internet connection
  • Information is quickly and easily available to all registered customers who need it
  • Registration to the service is quick and simple
  • Simple and user friendly interface
  • Improves communications between stakeholders
  • Customers can view their monthly/daily consumption pattern allowing them to easily manage their water usage.


Why join?

Customers have the flexibility of accessing their information, update their profile and make payments from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

The best part is it’s FREE


How to create an account?

  • Registered owners of the water connection can apply for the service by submitting a completed application form to us. The completed forms will be accepted at the Customer Service of MWSC.
  • After processing, we will send the login information to customer’s email address within 2 working days.

Customers have the flexibility of creating additional one sub account to each water connection for alternative users such as a tenant.

Application form is available from the customer service of MWSC and from the website download section.