Surveying and Consultancy

Consultancy servicesMWSC during the last few years has come to be seen as an emerging contractor with social acceptance in the field through its:

  • Reliability
  • Attention to quality and
  • Attention to social needs. 

Scope of work

  • Project site investigation, survey control and study of water and sewer systems
  • Environment Impact Assessment (EIA) and fulfilling other regulatory requirement
  • Any customized needs of clients

Clean water network services

MWSC will attend to the specific customer needs through an optimized mix of:

  • Strategic planning
  • Detailed network investigation
  • Analysis and design

Waste water network services

MWSC strives to build solutions for managing waste water drainage systems in a sustainable way through:

  • Detailed drainage area plans
  • Immediate and long-term considerations
  • Lifecycle cost of the system
  • Minimum maintenance costs