Press Release

MWSC's Water Quality Assurance Laboratory gets accredited to ISO/IEC 17025:2005 standard

Sewer project in Sh. Milandhoo inaugurated by the Minister of Environment and Energy

Sewer projects in Sh. Kanditheemu, R. Meedhoo and R. Maduvvaree inaugurated by the Minister of Environment and Energy

MWSC signs an Agreement with the Ministry of Environment and Energy to design and build water network at Aa. Thooddoo

MWSC signs an Agreement with the Ministry of Housing and Infrastructure to develop and maintain the storm water system in Male'

MWSC signs an Agreement with the Ministry of Law and Gender to repair SWRO plant system at K. Guraidhoo

MWSC holds a seminar on standards of piping systems in building and construction

MWSC signs an Agreement to supply stormwater infiltration galleries in Hdh. Kulhuduffushi

MWSC signs an Agreement with Male' City Council to repair storm water pumps in Male'

MWSC signs an MoU with HDC to establish infrastructure and implement a sustainable solid waste management system at Hulhumale

MWSC donates to the Help Gaza Fund

MWSC signs MOU with MMPRC to undertake studies to provide Integrated Utility Services to Thumburi Integrated Resort Project

MWSC inaugurates its rainwater harvesting system in R. Dhuvaafaru

MWSC signs a Power Purchasing Agreement with Nordic Power Partners

MWSC launches Geographic Information System (GIS)

MWSC Celebrates Environment Day 2014

MWSC gets awarded the contract for design and build of sewerage facility in Sh.Milandhoo

MWSC gets awarded the contract for design and build of sewerage facility in three islands in M.Dhiggaru, M.Mulah, Adh. Maamigili

MWSC gets awarded the contract for design and build of sewerage facility in Thaa.Dhiyamigili, Dh.Maaebudhoo

MWSC gets awarded the contract for design and build of sewerage facility in Ha. Kelaa, Ha. Horafushi, Ha. Ihavandhoo, HDh. Nolhivaram, Sh. Kanditheemu, N. Holhudhoo, R. Aifushi, R. Meedho and R. Maduvaree

MWSC to give consultancy and design for storm water management in Hdh. Kulhuduffushi and Gdh. Thinadhoo

MWSC gets awarded the Contract for designing and building water supply network at Maamigili, Dhiggaru and Mulah islands

MWSC and Island Beverages Maldives (IBM) launches PET bottle recycling programme

MWSC obtains the certificate on OHSAS18001:2007

MWSC inaugurates its newest operation center in Raa Dhuvaafaru

MWSC agrees to supply, install and commission an RO plant system at K. Guraidhoo

MWSC celebrates World Water Day 2013

MWSC conducts training of operators for operational and maintenance of water supply and sewerage systems in the Maldives

MWSC signs an agreement with Ministry of Environment & Energy for the designing and building of Sewerage System in L.Gan

MWSC installs Solar Panels at HDh. Kulhudhufushi Operation Center

MWSC participates Walk to commemorate "World Cancer Day"

MWSC Launches New Brand 'Fen'

MWSC Outsources The Water Kiosk At Hulhumale' To Tug Service Marine Pvt Ltd

MWSC Signs Water Bill Collection Agreement With Five P Investments Pvt. Ltd To Provide An Ease To Pay The Water Bills In Male'

MWSC Officially Inaugurates Angle-Butt Welding Facility

Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan and Hitachi Plant Technologies Ltd, in conjunction with MWSC, hold a symposium on Bilateral offset credit mechanism for Maldives

MWSC conducts a training on Desalination Unit Operation & Maintenance and Water Management For Tuvalu Island.

MWSC develops capacity to produce its own range of pipe fittings

MWSC inaugurates water services to K. Gulhifalhu

MWSC signs Agreement with the Ministry of Gender, Family and Human Rights to extend sewer system at the Home for People with Special Needs in K. Guraidhoo

MWSC lays the foundation for Raa. Dhuvaafaru water project

MWSC is working towards attaining the certificate on OHSAS18001:2007

MWSC signs a service and land agreement with Dhuvaafaru Council to provide water services to the island

A step towards sustaining energy cost

MWSC conducts training on sustainable operation, maintenance and management of water supply systems in small islands

MWSC signs Water Bill Collection Agreement with Bulk Company Pvt. Ltd to provide an ease to pay the Water Bills in Villimale'

MWSC staff plant trees at K.Villingili in celebration of World Environment Day

MWSC holds information session regarding water services provision at R. Dhuvaafaru

MWSC celebrates World Water Day 2012

MWSC to start providing water services at R. Dhuvaafaru

MWSC gives sewerage services briefing at K. Maafushi

MWSC enters into a contract with K. Maafushi council to operate and maintain sewerage systems of K. Maafushi

MWSC conducts a nation-wide training programme on sewer system operation and maintenance

MWSC signs MOU with Hitachi Technologies for implementing an Intelligent Water System

MWSC Staff plants trees at K. Gulhifalhu in collaboration with GPD to celebrate World Environment Day

MWSC's winning achievements at the 1st Inter-Office Carrom Tournament 2011

MWSC water distribution system temporary power failure

MWSC celebrates 16th Anniversary

President Nasheed inaugurates the MWSC water kiosk at Kulhuduffushi Port

MWSC donates to the Maldivian Red Crescent Japan Fund for the victims of the Japanese earthquake and tsunami disaster

MWSC inaugurates Automatic Meter Reading and e-Services

MWSC participates in CHSE Environs Fair

MWSC signs Agreement with Maldives Post Limited for facilitating bill payments via Post-Pay

Inauguration of new distribution pumping system at Hulhumale’

MWSC staff participate in National Unity Day minute of silence

Water and Sewerage Service Briefing for Kulhudhuffushi Residences

MWSC Signs contract with GPD for providing Exclusive services of Water & Sewerage Facilities in Gulhi Falhu

Delegation from Tokyo Metropolitan Government meets with MWSC Management Team

MWSC signs contract with MHE for the Operation and Maintenance of HDh. Kulhudhuffushi Sewerage System

Inauguration of Water Services at HDh. Kulhudhufushi

Inauguration of Water Services at G.Dh Thinadhoo

Kudakudhinge Hiyaa

World Environment Day - MWSC participates in the rally held by the Ministry of Housing, Transport and Environment

Official Inauguration of K. Maafushi Water Services

HITACHI Plant Technologies Ltd participate in the operation with MWSC

15th Aniversary

World Water Day 2010 (22nd March 2010)

New Website


MWSC signs a service and land agreement with R.Dhuvaafaru Council to provide water services to the island. The agreement was signed by R. Dhuvaafaru Council President Mr. Ibrahim Shukury and the Managing Director of MWSC, Mr.Mohamed Ahmed Didi.

Under this Agreement, MWSC will provide water services to all households of Dhuvaafaru by laying a piped water network and establishing an RO Plant and Distribution system that would accommodate the total population of the island.

At the signing ceremony held at Fen building today, Managing Director of MWSC thanked the Member of Parliament  for Dhuvaafaru Constituency Mr.Mohamed Zubair  for his continuous efforts provided in negotiating with the government to proceed with the project. He also thanked Raa Atoll and  Dhuvafaru Council for their initiative in considering MWSC to provide safe water for Dhuvaafaru citizens.

Raa Atoll Council President Mr. Jaufar Dhaud also spoke at the ceremony thanking MWSC for all the cooperation and support given in implementing the project. He confirmed their assurance in MWSC to complete the project during the scheduled period.

The project is scheduled to be completed within the next 6 months.