Rain Water

Rain Water is the nature’s gift. To use Rain Water we don’t have to pay any amount of fee. It’s totally free.


Is Rain Water an acidic? Is it safe to drink?

Rain WaterExperts claim that all rain is actually acidic since the precipitation binds with carbon dioxide. But, the term 'acid rain' was coined from certain air pollutants merging. Sulfur dioxide combining with nitrogen oxides and react to the oxygen in the air is what makes sulfuric acid, which causes the acid precipitation- rain, snow or fog. Sulfur dioxide comes from industrial smelters and coal burning plants. Nitrogen oxides come from car exhaust systems and can even be created by lightning.


Acid raid doesn't do too much to affect the water supply. However, some folks, either at home if they do not have a well or when camping, use the rain water catch method. Obviously, drinking water right after it is collected would be a bad idea. Boiling the water and perhaps using a disinfectant will make the water safe for consumption.


Risk for rain water is related to collecting rain water in storage (Rain water storage well). But using disinfection may reduce the risk.