Career options

We provide a variety of carrier option which range from management, Accounting & finance and Business Development to various Engineering disciplines. Being at MWSC is more than just having a job. It’s about creating your own destiny and seeking success. The knowledge our employees gain leads to exciting career options and the opportunity to make a difference.


Scholarship & Development Programs

For fifteens years we have invested on many employees and our strategy for personal development have created many successful professional whom we are working with today.  At MWSC you will find a path for a continues learning environment where you will be able to continuously improve your knowledge, skills, abilities needed to perform your job with the aid of our Human Resource Development Program.



Programs are set up by the Company to reward performance and motivate employees on individual and at group levels. These include Annual employee awards, recognition for best Department and Service Recognition Awards to recognize employees’ outstanding and commendable job performance.


Work life balance

We promote a corporate culture that helps employees to achieve a balance between professional and work life. Our sustainable human resource policy offer services that support the family through its variety of leaves offered to employees, flexibility for working mothers and through other health, sport and entertainment activities.


Working Environment

We provide state-of-art working environment with full fledge machineries & equipments needed for performance of job.



We have ground breaking technology which enables a significance range of benefits from reshaping and modification of work to fit into new technology to convenience of working.


Socially responsible.

We create value not only for its shareholders but also for society. From the suppliers, contractors, to our employees, to our consumers and the communities where we operate we create a value by being socially responsible.